Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area [VMWMA] is a non-profit organization of private citizens in Central Texas who have voluntarily joined together to manage their properties for the benefit of wildlife. Wildlife Management Areas [WMAs] are operated by the Wildlife Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Our group is divided into two sections:
North VMWMA – for areas north of U.S. Hwy 84
South VMWMA – for areas south of U.S. Hwy 84


Some of the benefits of membership in Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area include:

  • shared knowledge in effective herd management
  • extended hunting season for members
  • improved relations with other landowners
  • procedure to obtain Management Lands Deer Program permits
  • procedure to obtain (and reduced rate for) Lease License (for those who lease their property to hunters)

Bill Cruise sent this photo, saying, “This little guy flew into one of our windows in the spring. He recovered quickly, but my wife Liesel had enough time to get this picture.”

There are no boundaries for membership in the Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Any interested landowner, hunter, or other party can join. Read our Bylaws here. Dues are $10 per year. Download the Membership Application here.


  1. To successfully manage properties to improve and enrich wildlife habitat.
  2. To improve wildlife populations, particularly White Tail Deer, Rio Grande Turkey and Bobwhite Quail.
  3. To make harvest recommendations.
  4. To obtain accurate harvest records.
  5. To educate our members to the benefits of land management.
  6. To control predators.
  7. To improve relations between hunters, environmentalists, animal rights activists, and landowners.
  8. To maintain or increase property values through better stewardship of the land.