Oct 112018

Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Minutes of the Fall Meeting
August 11, 2018
10:00 AM

Location of Meeting:
Evant Methodist Church
235 US 281
Evant, Texas 76525

Present at Meeting: Approximately 25 Members and Two Officers: Calvin Friedrich and Thurman Mayne
Absent from Meeting: Treasurer, Ralph Heath

The regular Fall meeting of the Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area was called to order at 10:00 AM on August 11, 2018 at Evant Methodist Church by President, Calvin Friedrich.

I. Consideration of Open Issues

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting Read and Approved.
Thurman Mayne, secretary, read minutes of previous meeting. Minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer reported a balance of $1,866.13 in the Vista Mountain Wildlife Management Area bank account. A motion was made to contribute $25 memorial for each recently deceased members: Mack Wilkinson and Lonny Traweek for a total of $50. Funds will be sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

3. New Officers Installed
Calvin Friedrich explained the terms of officers and reminded members that the President and Treasurer are to be elected in odd numbered years, Secretary in even number years. Due to some early resignations etc., the organization was off schedule for electing officers. He announced that Ralph Heath would be stepping down as Treasurer and Roger Koenning was voted in. Thurman Mayne will continue as Secretary, and Calvin said that he would serve until 2019, and then a new President would be needed.

4. Game Wardens Introduced
Calvin Friedrich introduced Game Wardens for Hamilton County-Jim Daniels (325-451-4732), and Coryell County-Colt Gaulden (254-216-3568). Both game wardens spoke about their respective areas and responsibilities and encouraged members to call them anytime they had questions or concerns. Both wardens discussed that they helped each other with calls as there are not many game wardens in ‘Texas to cover vast areas. Wardens answered questions from members regarding changes in the code detailing the use of silencers and Concern about the new high powered air guns for hunting.

5. Trappers not in attendance.
Calvin stated that trappers were invited, but were not in attendance at the meeting. Trappers are Tim O’Donnell from Hamilton County, and Lawrence Pruitt in Coryell County.

6. Wildlife Biologist Team Introduced by Calvin Friedrich.
Biologist James Edwards was introduced. Edwards passed out the 2017-2018 Deer Harvest Summary compiled by Mike Miller. Edwards questioned the usefulness of the information from the reports and asked what information members were interested in receiving in the future. In response to questions from members, Edwards also discussed other uses of managed lands such as bird and butterfly watching in addition to deer hunting. Dean Marquardt stepped in to the meeting late as he had completed his review with SW Hamilton WMA. It was pointed out that Dean is the biologist that is replacing Mike Miller. In addition, there was some discussion of management of coyotes and wild pigs.

II. Consideration of New Business

1. Possible Federal/State Programs
David Freeman introduced the idea of looking into federal and state programs that might be available to members.

2. Quail Repopulation
Calvin Friedrich discussed his project of reintroducing quail to his property through the use of Surrogators. 170 six week old quail have been released and so far, results are questionable.

III. Agenda and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting date and time is TBA.

Minutes submitted by Thurman Mayne, secretary.
Minutes approved by Calvin Friedrich, president.