Aug 292017

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held on July 29.

As part of the normal business, the previous meeting minutes were read and officers were elected:

  • Calvin Friedrich – President
  • Ralph Heath – Treasurer
  • Thurman Mayne – Secretary
  • Phil Blais – Director

Deer Harvest Summary

Mike Miller, our TPWD biologist, gave his harvest summary to the members:

The full reports are available here:

     VMWMA North Harvest Summary 2016-2017

     VMWMA South Harvest Summary 2016-2017

New LMA system and MLDP

Mike announced that he would transfer all the VMWMA members from TWIMS to the new automated MLDP program under the Conservation Option.  We all need to log in and activate our accounts and draw a boundary map if it is not already available.  Information about the new MLDP program is available here:

      MLDP Info 2017-2018

     LMA Quick Reference – All Users

     LMA Quick Reference – Returning Users

August Deer Census

Mike reminded us that the daylight deer census season extends from the beginning of August until September 10.  The results should be sent to him as soon as possible at the end of the season.

     Overview of Deer Census Procedures

Email –

Survey forms are available here:

     Daylight Observation Form

     Spotlight Observation Form